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Joke of the Day

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Put a smile on your face every day with our brand spanking new Joke Of The Day services. We've got all sorts of gags we can send straight to your mobile. All you need to do is send us the magic text and the funniest jokes in existence will be winging their way to your mobile before you can say 'Stop it! I'll wet myself!'

Joke of the Day

Our classic service - we've got a huge range of jokes with only one thing in common: they're all absolutely hilarious! Suitable for all.

Just text TLK JOKE to 87111. To unsubscribe, text STOP TLKJOKE to 87111


Dirty Joke of the Day

For the rudest jokes around, text the word TLK DIRTY to 87111. But be warned - it's adult humour and suitable only for over 18s. To unsubscribe from the service text STOP TLKDIRTY to 87111


Joke of the Day about Blokes

For highly sexist but downright hilarious jokes about men, text TLK MEN to 87111. But be warned - some of these jokes are only suitable for over 18s.
To unsubscribe, text STOPTLK MEN to 87111


Joke of the Day about Birds

For sexist jokes about women, text WOMEN to TLK 87111. Again - some of these jokes aren't suitable for under 18s and certainly won't be suitable for your mum or girlfriend. To unsubscribe, text STOP TLKWOMEN to 87111


Joke of the Day Funny Sports Quotes

For funny sports quotes from some of the finest minds in commentating text TLK QUOTES to 87111. To unsubscribe text STOP TLKQUOTES to 87111.


1 You must be over 16 to use this service.
2 Some of the SMS jokes have sexual themes and may not be suitable for victims under 18 - so choose with care if you think they may be offended.
3 All joke of the day services are charged at 25p per joke plus your standard operator rate for text messages sent, billed in advance as 1.50 for six jokes. Confirmation and unsubscription information will be sent when you subscribe; please keep this information safe.
4 If you don't pay the phone bill, get the bill-payer's permission before calling.
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